Google Introduces New AI-Based Tools, Including Text-to-Image Generation

Google is increasingly serious about integrating Artificial Intelligence into its products. Recently, a number of AI Generative-based tools have been launched, including those for creating images based on text commands.

The latest tool is called ImageFX, which will have the tag from SynthID and use IPTC metadata. ImageFX is a text-to-image AI platform. The tool will inform users if an image is AI-generated, especially those appearing on Google Search and Chrome.

"It will provide more information to everyone when encountering AI-generated images," says Google.

In addition to introducing new tools, Google has also updated two other tools. One of them is MusicFX, with enhancements to the MusicLM model for faster music generation, high-quality audio, and a host of new features.

There is also TextFX, with updates focused on navigation and user experience.

These three products are not yet available to all users. Access to ImageFX, MusicFC, and TextFM is currently only available to users in the United States, Kenya, New Zealand, and Australia. The languages used in all three are also limited to English. Users can access all products in the AI Test Kitchen.

The Imagen 2 model also received attention. This technology uses generative AI in several Google products and services, including Bard, Search, Ads, Duet AI in Workspace, and VertexAI.

Google announced support for the Imagen 2 Model in new images on ImageFX. The generated images will have high quality and improvements in areas of the image field that were difficult to address previously.

Lastly, there is an expansion of Gemini Pro's user coverage in Bard. Now, the service can be accessed in 40 languages in 230 countries.

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