Meta Platforms Inc is currently testing several highly anticipated features for its social media platform Threads.


The X competitor introduces features such as drafts or post storage, as well as direct photo capture through the Threads camera.

As reported by Endgadget on Friday, February 23, 2024, drafts in Threads can be used to save typed posts for publication at a later time. When a draft is saved, the application menu at the bottom of the screen will highlight the post icon. Afterward, users can freely edit and publish the tweet at any time.

Still being tested on a limited basis, so far the draft feature is reportedly only for one post. There are no details yet on whether Meta will provide more capacity for this scheme.

Another new feature is direct photo capture through Threads. This means that users do not need to exit the application or upload photos from the gallery. Meta's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mark Zuckerberg, reportedly tried this camera feature and immediately uploaded the results. Because it is still in testing, both of these new Threads features still have the potential to be modified before being officially released.

Meta was previously known to be testing a feature that presents topics currently being widely discussed on the internet—similar to trending topics on social media X. The feature, called Today’s Topics, is currently being tested in the United States and appears in the search section on Threads, as well as in the For You timeline section. The AI algorithm considers various aspects, one of which is the number of people discussing a particular topic.

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